To set up logos, it’s sizes padding and other options, please navigate to Appearance > K9Theme Options > Global > Logo section.You can also set up additional logo options. Note: Retina Logo should be always 2x larger than Custom Logo (this field is optional). This section contain the following options:


Logo with TOTO Builder:



  • General
    • Logo Type – Site Logo, Sticky Logo, Text Logo, Footer Logo, Mobile Logo
    • Logo Link
    • Link Class
    • Margin Top
    • Margin Bottom
    • Margin Left
    • Margin Right
    • Background Color
    • Font Size – Used in case of text logo
    • Logo Width – Useful in case if site logo is in SVG Format
    • Element ID
  • Design Options
    • Show on Desktop – ON/OFF (Control the visibility of element on desktop)
    • Show on Tablet Portrait – ON/OFF
    • Show on Phone – ON/OFF

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