Image Box


Image Box with TOTO Builder:



  • General
    • Image – Upload
    • Style – Image Alt/Desc, Image with flip, Nice Lilly, Holy Sadie, Crazy Honey, Crazy Layla, Creative Joe, Warm Oscar, Sweet Marley, Glowing Ruby, Charming Roxy, Fresh Bubba, Wild Romeo, Strange Dexter, Free Sarah, Silly Chico, Faithful Milo, Passionate Julia, Thoughtful Goliath, Tender Hera, Happy Selena, Noisy Terry, Strong Apollo, Dark Kira, Lonely Steve, Cute Moses, Dynamic Jazz, Funny Ming, Messy Duke, Altruistic Lexi
    • Image Title
    • Description
    • Alt Text
    • Text Color
    • Link
    • CSS Class
    • Element ID
  • Design Options
    • Show on Desktop – ON/OFF (Control the visibility of element on desktop)
    • Show on Tablet Portrait – ON/OFF
    • Show on Phone – ON/OFF

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