This Item adds an Accordion or Toggle on page. You can add as many tabs as you need. Just type the Title and Content (you can use html tags) for each tab. You can also use Drag & Drop option to set the order for items.

Accordion with TOTO Builder:


  • Sections
    • Section Title
    • Content
    • Icon
    • Add More
  • Colors
    • Active Section Title Background Color
    • Active Section Title Text Color
    • Active Section Content Background Color
    • Inactive Section Title Background Color
    • Inactive Section Title Text Color
    • Inactive Section Content Background Color Border Color
  • Accordion Options
    • Style – Classic/Modern/Flat/Outline
    • Shape – Rounded/Square/Round
    • Spacing – Select accordion spacing 1px – 35px
    • Gap – Select accordion gap 1px – 35px
    • Alignment – Select accordion section title alignment (Left/Center/Right)
    • Autoplay – Select auto rotate for accordion in seconds (Note: disabled by default)
    • Allow collapse all? – Allow collapse all accordion sections On/Off
    • Icon – Select accordion navigation icon (Chevron/Plus-Minus/Plus-Close/Triangle
    • Icon Position – Select accordion navigation icon position Left/Right
    • Active Section
    • CSS Class
    • Element ID
  • Design Options
    • Show on Desktop – ON/OFF (Control the visibility of element on desktop)
    • Show on Tablet Portrait – ON/OFF
    • Show on Phone – ON/OFF

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