Under Construction

In Under Construction, you can mention the project or website Status and their properties. In TOTO Theme, Under construction  refers to a  project that is unfinished but actively being worked on. Under Construction StatusTitle,Text, Launch Date, UTC Timezone, Countdown Style, Contact Form Shortcode, Custom Page.

In theme panel go to TOTO → Theme Options → Under Construction :

There is a button Reset . By clicking it will help you to reset all settings which you have change and it will reset to theme defaults setting options which are created by TOTO Theme.

1.Under Construction Status: ON/OFF. Either the website or project is unfinished but actively being worked on then keep the Under Construction Status as ON neither keep it as default

2.Title:The Page title to indicate that the particular project or website is under construction or in maintenance mode

3.Text:Here mention the details/issue related to that project. (example: the problem with the project, when the problem will be solved,etc)

4.Launch Date:Insert the date when the project is going to be launched officially

5.UTS Timezone:Set the Timezone according to your State

6.Countdown:It is a counting numerals in reverse order to zero, Which is mention to notify how much hours or days are left before launching of a project or website.

7.Contact Form Shortcode:Select your contact form from drop down

8.Page:Its a drop down menu which allows you to select the particular project or website which will be undergoing Maintenance mode or Under Construction mode