When purchasing the TOTO theme, you have two licensing options: Regular License and Extended License. If your end product including the item is going to be free to the end user then a Regular License is what you need. An Extended License is required if the end user must pay to use the end product. To learn more about what each license is for and which one to purchase, click here.

Buy another TOTO Theme license

Common questions

Yes. One purchase of TOTO theme allows you to use the theme on one finished site. If you need to use it on a second site, it requires you to make a second license purchase.
Yes, you can. You can keep the theme on a test site to build it, then move it to the live site once you’re finished.
According to the licensing rules set by Envato, this is not allowed. If it is installed in two places permanently, then it requires two licenses.
If you are going to use the item on one domain or multiple subdomains, you only require one Regular Licence. However, if you are going to use the item on multiple domains, then you will need to purchase a Regular Licence for each domain.