Custom Sidebars

When we discuss custom sidebars, it has two implications:

  1. Add custom sidebars to TOTO Theme.
  2. “Custom Sidebars” module for modifying post and pages sidebars.

You can make as many as of custom sidebars you need in TOTO Theme and utilize them in various Pages and Posts types.

“Custom Sidebars” plugin is completely perfect with TOTO Theme. Its assignment is to modify sidebars showing up on each page and every post you need (any post compose – read more about post types).

Presently we initially depict how to make custom sidebars in TOTO Theme at that point portray how to oversee sidebars in various pages by “Visual Composer” and “Custom Sidebars” modules.

How to Create Custom Sidebar?

Ensure Custom Sidebar plugin is active on your site. Above all else, you ought to make a sidebar. In any case, how? in this part, we will teach you how to make a sidebar and in the following part, we present the TOTO Theme exclusive widget.

First, we describe what you will find here:

  1. Available Widgets: These are widgets you can select for your sidebar. There are 30 exclusive widgets for TOTO Themes.
  2. Create a new sidebar: Use this button to create a new sidebar (we will describe it).
  3. Import/Export Sidebars: You can take a backup of your sidebars or restore backups created before.
  4. Theme Sidebars: These are default sidebars of TOTO Theme. It’s obvious where they belong to. The primary sidebar is used in 2 column layout and both Primary Sidebar & Secondary Sidebar are used in 3 column layout (Read more about layouts). There are four widget locations in the footer (Read more about footer options).

Ok, Let’s learn how to create a new sidebar.

1- Click on Create a new sidebar (see above image).

2- Enter a name for the sidebar in Name field. Enter a description in the Description field.

Finish it by clicking on Create Sidebar. Now you have a new empty sidebar.

In above image you see a checkbox, Advanced – Edit custom wrapper code, it’s advanced options for the sidebar. If you don’t have enough information about it, just leave it. Let’s check this checkbox:

How to Add a New Widget to Sidebar
We created a new sidebar in above and will use it here, but the procedure is the same for all new or existing sidebars also for Custom and Primary sidebars.

1- Now you should add the widget(s) to your empty sidebar. On the left side, you see the list of available widgets; 30 exclusive widgets for TOTO Theme. Click on the widget you want.

A list of all sidebars will show up. Select the sidebar you want to add this widget too. Click Add Widget.

2- Now your widget is added. Open its accordion menu and customize it.

How to Use “Custom Sidebars” Plugin?
First of all, go to TOTO → Plugins and install Custom Sidebars (if you didn’t install it before). After that you have created custom sidebars or organized your primary ones, you can select which sidebar to show up in different sidebar locations in TOTO Theme. There are 6 locations you can select from:

Primary Sidebar: Shown when at least 2 column layout with sidebar show selected (read more about column layout)

Secondary Sidebar: Shown when 3 column layout with two sidebar show selected

Footer – Column1 & 2 & 3 & 4: Shown in Footer widget locations (Read more about footer options).

Now make sure your Custom Sidebars plugin is active and updated to the latest version, then stay with us; we are going to describe the procedure of using this plugin step by step:
For Any Post Type:
1- Edit the post you want to customize its sidebars. All post types are included i.e post, page, attachment, etc.

2- On the right-hand-side of the editing page you see Custom Sidebars meta box.

Six locations of TOTO Theme sidebars are shown but remember displaying sidebars depends on which layout and setting you to use for your site (or overridden settings for this post).

3- Below the sidebar location you want to change its content, click on the drop-down menu.

4- You see a full list of Custom and Primary sidebars in TOTO Theme. Select the sidebar you want. You’re done and this sidebar location is customized (do not forget to update the post). Do the same procedure for every sidebar location you want.

For Any Archive Page:

1- Go to Appearance → Widgets

2- Go to the sidebar you want to use in particular archive page. At the bottom of its accordion, click on Sidebar Location

3- Open For Archives accordion. Here you select an archive page for displaying this sidebar.