Backup, Restore and Reset Theme Options

In Backup, Restore and Reset Theme Option, this option will take the Backup of default settings of TOTO Themes and then Restore it.In TOTO Theme, Backup generates a compressed backup of your entire website no matter how large a site you have. Your backup can be quickly and easily downloaded.Generate & Download, Restore Backup.

In theme panel go to TOTO → Theme Options → Restore & Backup :

There is a button Reset . By clicking it will help you to reset all settings which you have change and it will reset to theme defaults setting options which are created by TOTO Theme.


1.Generate:This option allows you to generate and download backup of all the default setting of TOTO themes.It also shows the Date/Time when was  the last backup generated

2.Restore Backup:Just upload the backup file which was generated before